The position of the Sun at the time of our arrival to the world is, for astrologers, the key to discovering the “gift” we must deploy.
Our zodiac sign gives characteristics of our personality, describe how we are. The time of day we were born, in particular, is the key to discovering the “gift” we must deploy in life, where our vocation is addressed and that we should spend. For this, astrology takes 120 minutes slots distributed over the day.

The Born between 23:30 and 1:30: the midnight sun
Sun in House IV: The sensible family, the protector.
At this time, the sun is the opposite of where one lives, is “down” at the bottom of the earth. And this creates personalities seeking depth, need to return to their bases and their origins. They are people who shine and organize your household; feel safer and are best developed in areas known and warmth. They are excellent containers and can develop very well as therapists or mediators. They should endeavor to overcome the difficulty of exposure to unknown areas and make a conscious effort to expand the possibilities offered to them beyond the known world.

The Born between 1.30 am and 3.30 am.
Sun in House III: The restless communicator, journalist.
In the early hours of the day, although it’s a new day, there is still that the light of the new day be seen and discover this new sun. Those born at this time have restless personalities and question asking themselves all the time, they are always in search of novelty, which has not come to light. are always active individuals and explorers of the unknown, of what is to come. Are expressed and shine in professions that symbolize eternal searches are active communicators that vitalize with the word, so when linking and focus may be a link between other people. Respond to the archetype of the journalist or communicator. In these cases, it is very interesting to analyze the relationship with a sibling, since they usually have a polarized ratio ranging between idealized and conflicting.

The Born between 3:30 and 5:30.
Sun in House II: The sybaritic generator, the alchemist.
It is time to rest and the day slowly begins to suggest, to seat the new day, while generally rested. people born at this time need to develop themselves, autosostenir and fend for their own action. To feel safe and genuine need their projects leading to the generation of specific resources, plans need strong and visible before or utopian intellectuals. seek to place much emphasis on material wealth, valued economic and preserving resources for the future, so they tend not to suffer economic hardship. it is advisable to explore their skills and talents through art alchemists or kitchen.


The Born between 5:30 and 7:30: the rising sun
Sun in House I: The expressive actor.
The sun king begins to suggest and display; darkness is removed and slowly begins to brighten the sky, the sunshine is born. At this time, slowly
awaken the conscience of the new day and, therefore, people who are born to them is very important to shine for themselves, encouraged to occupy spaces of leadership and personal irradiation: many can become enthusiastic leaders. Those born at this time need to be developed in expressive or artistic fields because there find their most genuine self. It is advisable to encourage forthcoming from the heart (overcoming the excessive need for approval from others) in activities of genuine expression. Contact with your own heart will help them overcome the intimate feeling of existential emptiness. Discover spontaneous, direct and own creative style, is the best way to live a more enjoyable and productive life.

The Born between 7:30 and 9:30
Sun in House XII: The intuitive resonance, the “giver of energy fuel.”
It is the time of day where we emerge from unconsciousness of our dreams, we left the privacy of the home and we have to meet and interact with others. Those born on this schedule are hyper sensitive and resonant, their lives in the service of something else grant that egoic desires. They find it comforting and refreshing activities like meditation or yoga; transit roads where they will gain self-knowledge key to accept and practice the quality of service. His true mission is to give up a life ego and into a more subtle, loving, compassionate and spiritual existence. The sooner you discover their mystical, intuitive and perceptual quality, the better they will feel. Will be developed smoothly in artistic, therapeutic, esoteric and religious contexts. If you do not agree to this more subtle perception of life, will cyclothymic personalities, they become both “highest” and “lowest”, with much ambivalence crave shine and imposing as ever feel rejected this exposure.

The Born between 09:30 and 11:30
Sun in House XI: The binder, friendly person.
It is a time where the links are activated and sociability, being active and wide awake to hear ideas and interact with others. Those born during this time have social and anxious personalities, value and give importance to their bright and solar friends. Feel safe, are activated and look when they are in a group, are very receptive to the ideas of others and know how to work in teams. It revitalizes and recycle when participating in social, community or institutional networks interacting in work: they are a key interface for group projects and be more creative flow. They are very good to work together and to connect to people, know how to stimulate projects without the need to be actors or impose its own style.

‘The Born between 11:30 and 13:30 h .: The midday sun
Sun in House X: Worker responsible.
In this hour of the day the sun is at its moment of maximum brightness, all lights and the sun produces minimal shadow projection. For these people will be deployed in key areas clearly visible to social or professional level, excel at work will find it very important: it may take many years striving for an outstanding outlet to work. They need clear guidelines, respond efficiently to the demands because they know how to organize and have a lot of exercise capacity. In general, they have bright pictures father and demanded that bequeathed them this great desire to occupy a place of honor and prestige at the public level and may, even, have the feeling of being crown prince having to follow a profession or a longing for family.

Those born between 13:30 and 15:30 hours.
Sun in House IX: The resolver of conflicts, searching traveler.
The sun reached its zenith, you just need to start lowering; still shines high, radiant and luminous, but suggests their descent, hints go in search of the new, the new night. They are bright and active personalities; move in remote areas, venture into environments expansion and liberal learning is essential for them to feel radiant and vital. They feel good when they travel, radiate confidence to their environment, are enthusiastic and adventurous. Seekers by nature, passionate about different cultures and beliefs or unequal world religions, can emerge as leaders or guides naturally within a group. They give thanks to his endless quest for knowledge and wisdom more integrated than previously was conflicting responses are a vital synthesis, new paths and solutions in places where before there were problems.

The Born between 15:30 and 17:30 pm.
Sun in House VIII: The commitment, the therapist.
Is nap time and trap “loves pirate”. It’s time to close and define projects or businesses that were assembled during the day. those born at this time are complex and deep personalities, will re continually discovering and re-signifying his identity. Often afraid to open or share: if linking risk intensity reveal his great power. intense and committed, you must learn to control his tendency alchemize and transform it into jealousy and deliverability of pain and healing. Overcoming the deep and intimate fear of being hurt, discover that they are engaged and “mutants” of life, everything is said with great intensity. Of vibrating bodies, rather than repress and control their intensity will be good to accept and enjoy contact with sexual desire itself. Theirs will be a life of deep quest to transform and re-signify their fears and desires control. There will be many lives in his life are true “alchemists”, therapists, esoteric and intuitive.

Those born between 1730 and 1930 h .: The late afternoon sun
Sun in House VII: The seductive mediator.
The sun sets on the horizon, the shadows are suggested. They are individuals who tend to project their identity solarity and others, need couples or bright and confident partners. They must learn to develop creative and interconnectedness with genuine individuals, without turning off the meeting because, far from inhibiting, others are incentive for creativity, his destiny is to learn to shine with others. have the gift of understanding the needs of others, the ability to take the place of another, are very good mediators and great seducers. They walk better in life when they do accompanied: the couple is critical as they help them feel safe and encourage them to be themselves.

The Born between 19:30 and 21:30.
Sun in House VI: The functional and helpful.
The sun fell into the horizon, it closes the day, the workday ends and end time, planning and order. We are organizing the night, it’s time to prepare, to arrange for the exhibition. They are people who express themselves better still functional, work well following a higher cause, a project organizes a boss who leads or a company to be productive they respond. He is a brilliant actor, stands out not being the protagonist, since the functionality works well, it’s the perfect “partener”. Focus and feel more radiant aiding and helpful. You can avoid stand to believe that theirs is not the role but the place of the Actor: they must be attentive to an excessive tendency to be self-limiting or exceeded into submission.


‘The Born between 21:30 and 23:30 pm.
Sun in House V: The creative artist.
It is time to open the night, open the curtains and leave the show “sand”. those born at this time are people who tend to be noticed, perhaps without even trying. Usually given, unless there are other very strong obstacles in the natal chart, personalities very clearly expressing their identity, they know what they are and what they want, radiate vitality, enthusiasm and joy. will be desirable (and necessary!) that these people are always delve into new possibilities for  express themselves through theater, art. You are encouraged to dabble in the creative and  artistic, as they will discover areas where their big expressive talents.

Source: Mike Gilbert

Photos: Nucagra


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