GAME OF THRONES – Filming locations

From LITTLE ADVICES, we are passionate about this serie, and we have done a search for internet sites which were filmed the first four seasons. AMAZING!!.


“Winter is coming” is the theme par excellence of the first three seasons of the series, one of the most followed in recent times. A Winter for years, brings with it all, and no good-the undead, the Walkers whites, and born on the other side of a wall that separates the Seven Kingdoms … Iceland. The rugged area Dimmuborgir was the scene of the shooting of the first season, but the fourth has moved to the south of the island, the Thingvellir National Park.


GRJÓTAGJ (Thermal bath or “Jon and Ygritte love nest’s “)

Although it is not possible for this location to reappear in Game of Thrones, this precious thermal water cave worth a visit. Located in northeastern Iceland Grjótagjá is a small cave near Lake Mývatn. While outside the snow and ice decorate the entrance of the hot spring water can reach 50 degrees (maybe that explains why Jon and Ygritte were so hot …). The cave is quite popular with the locals for a swim, so maybe you could try to recreate a scene from the series there, if you dare.

Dimmuborgir (Camp of the Wild)

Next to the cave Grjótagjá and Lake Mývatn is Dimmuborgir a lava field with unusual and unique rock formations. This area is important in Icelandic folklore: it says that Dimmuborgir is somehow connected to Hell and Satan, and also believes that it is also home to a murderous trolls. However, the children of the wicked family of trolls are not as bad as their parents since Christmas make even Santa Claus.

Meanwhile in the West: Mance Rayder is where he set up his camp.

King’s Landing – DUBROVNIK (Croatia) AND MALTA.


King’s Landing, the city’s dangerous-for the Stark above all it is the capital of the Kingdom of the West and live in the palaces of royalty, nobles conspire and send Lannister, is located in the Pearl of the Adriatic is Dubrovnik. The settings are multiplied in the beautiful Croatian city: the Benedictine monastery on the island of Lokrum, Bokar and Minceta towers of the city walls, the Rector’s Palace and the Sponza, the strength of Lovrijenac …

Fortress Lovrijenac (The Red Fortress)

The Red Fort-the heart of King’s Landing is really Lovrijenac Fortress, located on the outskirts of Dubrovnik on a rock 37 meters from the coast. As a curiosity: the old entrance is an inscription that could be translated as “Freedom is not sold for all the gold or the world.” Maybe it’s a not a secret for the crew? Well, maybe the way to do things Lannister is not the best of all.

But there is no confusion, the scenes of the Red Fort in the first session were filmed in Malta,

San Anton Palace (The Red Fortress)

san_anton_palace_malta_El Palacio de San Anton-La Fortaleza Roja
This sixteenth-century palace located Attar December the official residence of the President of Malta and is surrounded by private and public gardens. The Knight Antoine de Paule was founded as a town for him and his illustrious guests.

The Palace of San Anton becomes the Red Fortress Game of Thrones. In the first season of the series we see Starks get there and use their stable, then many of his colleagues were killed by Lannister soldiers while discharging material. It has also been used as the corridor of the Red Fort, for which Ned and Varys and walks Meñique report that the Golden Layers are under their control .

But from season two onwards the crew moved the studio to have Croatia Dubrovnik and outer fortress Lovrijenac. The bay in front of the fortress was used for the scene of the Battle of the Aguasnegras.

Fort St Angelo (The Red Fortress Dungeon)

Fuerte St Angelo-La mazmorra de la Fortaleza Roja-Arya-persigue-gato
Fort St Angelo is a great strength in the walled city of Birgu, right in the center of the Grand Harbour. Its origins are unknown but found him some prehistoric and classical. It was the official residence and military barracks for centuries the Knights of the Order of Malta reached the island became the seat of the Grand Master. Much later, in the eighteenth century the British used it as a military installation and suffered damage during World War II. Now they are a restaurant.

Its underground tunnels were used in Game of Thrones and dungeons of the Red Fort, where Arya comes chasing a cat (one of the duties that sends Syrio Forel) and listen to a conversation key.

Fort Manoel (Great septum of Baelor)

Fuerte Manoel-Gran Septo de Baelor-malta-desembarco-del-rey
This is another of the great fortifications of Malta. Fort Manoel on Manoel Island is in Marsamxett Bay, north-west of Valletta, and was built by the Knights of the Order of Malta between 1723 and 1755 An active military fort, spent British control in the eighteenth century and played an important role during World War II.

Part of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, we wheel at Fort Manoel, for example is the Great septum of Baelor, where the infamous  Joffrey makes confessed Ned Stark to being a traitor and executed in front of everybody.

Arboretum Trsteno (Gardens of King’s Landing)

If you walk through green gardens of King’s Landing you visit the Arboretum Trsteno, a small seaside town about 10 kilometers north of Dubrovnik. The lush garden has everything you could ask for: an aqueduct leading to a fountain with a statue of Neptune, pergolas covered with vines, a belvedere, pavilions and varied flora.

The many scenes where Varys and Tyrion roam the outer parts of the palace machine and exchange secrets were filmed at the Arboretum Trsteno.

The Dark Hedges (The road from King’s Landing)

The Dark Hedges-La carretera desde Desembarco del Rey_northern_ireland
The Dark Hedges (“dark hedges”) are possibly the most beautiful avenue of beech trees in the world. The trees were planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century to impress visitors as they approached his Georgian mansion (Gracehill House) and fulfill its purpose fully. It is a spectacular sight and one of the most photographed in the country.

Back in the West, the Dark Hedges are Kingsroad the road to King’s Landing. Disguised as a boy, Arya escapes the city with Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie and all other people will join the Night Guard.

Mdina Gate (Gate of King’s Landing)

Puerta de Mdina-La puerta de Desembarco del Rey- malta
The old capital of Malta, Mdina, is 4,000 years old and is a medieval city on a hill in the center of the island. Punic ruins and has become popularly known as “the silent city”. The doors and walls are a sight to behold.

In Game of Thrones we see Catelyn and Ser Rodrik Cassel ride to King’s Landing through the beautiful gate of Mdina to investigate the attack on Bran.


The wooded hills and always rainy in Northern Ireland is the homeland of the Stark and Greyjoy. Shane’s Castle, County Antrim, witnessed the famous match of the first season, and another castle, Ward eighteenth century, is Winterfell, the Stark’s home.

Castle Ward (Winterfell)

The sumptuous castle overlooking Lake Ward Strangford and its 820 acres of land was used as the playground of Winterfell. The house has a Gothic architectural details and classic property includes an exotic garden, trails and quiet forests to make you believe they truly are in the North.

Meanwhile in Game of Thrones, the grounds of Castle Ward appeared in the first season and this is where King Robert Baratheon and his court arrive at Winterfell, and where he and Ned Stark talk during a hunt. The castle is used as the Winterfell courtyard.

Ballintoy harbor (Port Noble)

Ballintoy Harbour
The Port of Ballintoy is the location in the real world Noble Port (Port of Pyke, the Iron Islands). This picturesque fishing village and its port is one of the most beautiful parts of the coast of Antrim.

The production crew of Game of Thrones chose this place as the Port of Pyke, Theon Greyjoy where he landed for the first time in years on the Iron Islands, admires his boat and has some problems with his crew.

Tollymore National Park (North Woods) 


Tollymore Forest Park is a perfect place to practice outdoor activities in Northern Ireland as hiking or camping. With over 600 acres of land is at the foot of the Mourne Mountains and offers spectacular views of the sea.

In Game of Thrones can be seen several times. It is also here where a member of the Guard at night sees a family of Wild Life in the snow and then encounters a White Walker. It is also where Ned Stark and his sons are to huargo puppies and dead deer. Later in the series Theon Greyjoy is pursued on horseback by Ramsay Snow, the bastard Bolton.

Murlough Bay (Iron Islands)

Bahía de Murlough-Las Islas del Hierro
Murlough Bay is a remote and beautiful coast of Northern Ireland, with views towards Rathlin Island, the headland of Kintyre and other Scottish islands. Beaches, cliffs and green landscapes will leave you speechless.

In season 3 Murlough Bay was used as the setting for the Iron Islands and Theon is where he rides with his sister Yara (Asha Greyjoy in the books), and Davos Seaworth which drowns after the battle of Aguasnegras (which incidentally is not in the Iron Islands).


So Essaouira Bay-Slave to the series, it was Daenerys Targaryen, the Khalesi in search of the army with which to reclaim his lost throne in the third season. And Aït Benhaddou, a fortified city of wonder as clay is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but most famous for having been the scene of dozens of films-Gladiator at Babel- is where is Khalesi city ​​Yunkai.

The Palace Gardens Verdala (house Illyrio Mopatis)

Los jardines del Palacio de Verdala-La casa de Illyrio Mopatis-malta
Since 1987 Verdala Palace is the summer residence of the President of Malta but its origins date back to the sixteenth century, when built on a hunting lodge. This elegant palace is surrounded by gardens Buskett, which are an area that they embellished using the Knights of the Order of Malta for hunting. In the eighteenth century Napoleon used it as a military prison. Abandoned some time, was restored and turned into a luxury residence in Malta by the powerful. It is closed to the public, but you can walk through the gardens and imagine that spies Illyrio Mopatis house.

The site was chosen as mansion Illyrio Mopatis and here was where Daenerys and Viserys were with Khal Drogo and his khalassar before the wedding.

Azure Window (The Wedding Khal Drogo and Daenerys)

azure_window_malta_Azure Window-La boda de Daenerys y Khal Drogo
This natural limestone arch 50 meters high, known as the “Blue Window” was the backdrop for wedding Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. Located on the Maltese island of Gozo near Dwejra Bay is very popular with divers. It is the second oldest rock of Malta and given to the island one of the most photographed spots. In addition to Game of Thrones, has also appeared in films such as Clash of the Titans and The Count of Monte Cristo, in addition to the TV miniseries The Odyssey.

Minceta Tower (House of Ether) 


House of the mysterious Ether is actually Minceta Tower, next to the aforementioned walls of Dubrovnik was an important defensive tower facing the ground. It is also a symbol of how “unconquerable” city is.

At the end of the book Clash of Kings, Daenerys has faced several unexpected visions in the House of Ether to know more about their future. In the series, but Daenerys is forced to come to rescue their dragons-one change in the argument that the series has.

Lokrum (Quarth)

Just a few hundred meters off the coast of Dubrovnik is green and beautiful island Lokrum, which is easily accessible by boat from Puerto Viejo. The trip takes 10 minutes. Fortress on the highest point of the island with spectacular views of the national park. Beach lovers will fall in love Lokrum also because it has some postcard beaches (including a nudist is). But do not expect much sand as much as the Dalmatian coast of Croatia stones are queens.

In Game of Thrones Lokrum Quarth became the “Queen of Cities”, which is located on the continent of Esso. The said house is located in the Ether Quarth Daenerys and experience its magic in more than one way.



Rocadragón (Strength of Stannis) – COUNTY LONDONDERRY

Mussenden Temple and Downhill Beach (Beach Dragon Rock)

This golden sandy beach of 11 km is well known for being where the tempera Mussenden. This circular classical temple was built to be a library summer. Today it still stands atop a cliff with spectacular views of the coast of Northern Ireland.

Both the Mussenden Temple and Downhill Beach have been used in Game of Thrones as external Dragon Rock. Remember when Melisandre burned the ancient gods on the beach? Well, it was here. And here is where Stannis Baratheon also shows a flaming fire sword, “light bearer.” It is a beautiful place, but better not burn anything or try to discover if you Azhor Ahai reborn.

Cushendun Caves (The Land of the Thunder)

Cuevas de Cushendun-Las Tierras de la Tormenta-davos-porta-mujer-de-rojo-a-parir
The precious Cushendun Caves were formed over 400 million years of extreme weather conditions in Northern Ireland.

This is where Davos Seaworth (following orders Stannis Baratheon) landed on the red priestess Melisandre … To give birth after seeing the shadowy creature who later killed Renly.



This castle is Gosford Castle, is located in Northern Ireland.

Gosford Castle is confirmed as localicació Castle of Riverrun, the Tully home in the filming of the third season of Game of Thrones


Larrybane (The Land of the Thunder)

Along the beautiful coast of Northern Ireland Larrybane area is also part of the Lands of the Storm Game of Thrones. The place is amazing and is connected to the island of Sheep Island one of the most famous bridges in the world Rope: Carrick-a-Rede. The island also has a quarry with excellent views.


In Game of Thrones Larrybane becomes the Land of the Thunder, which means that this is where King Renly riding his camp and where the tournament Brienne of Tarth in which Ser Loras Tyrell defeats. And it is here where his brother Stannis. Why not try and imitate you feel knight for a day?

FOSO Call (ON retain GREJOY) – Tower of Adley’S THE CASTLE COUNTY DOWN


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