Ideas to make gifts without spending little money

Today we bring ideas to make gifts without spending little money or nothing money. For birthdays or Christmas.
Often if you spend a great amount of money does not guarantee success and it hurts our pocket. For such occasions here is a list of 14 homemade inexpensive gifts:

1.Create some love coupons (sounds weird but you’ll see it’s very original). Coupon for a massage, for cooking a favorite dish, to go to the cinema or for a breakfast served in bed.


  1. To Cook chocolate truffles and to put them in a good box. Who does not love a good truffle? I leave a Youtube video that teaches how to make them

3 Give a kit of cooking homemade cookies. Buy a pretty box and put in the different ingredients that are needed, including a recipe sheet.


4.If you’re a good designer with your computer you can make a custom calendar. Think include good photos, birthday and important day celebrations and also a good opening sentence that expresses the love you feel for that person.


5.Make a secret book that serves as a hideout. Just find an old book, and make a good hole in the middle. Your friend will already know where to save their precious treasures!


6.Give a good experience. Please! DO NOT buy a pack of life is beautiful or any of these there on the Internet! In these packs you are paying there are too many people involved. Just find something you like and find a good deal directly. You can give a hike up the mountain, a romantic dinner under the stars … Let your imagination fly!

7.No Nothing like a good cake. If you master the art and are one of those or those who always get compliments when they taste your cake … You know what to give away. If not, another very elegant option is to put all the ingredients in a stylish package and include the recipe and a cheapie mold.

Chocolate Cake3

  1. Some people propose to give your time or skills. If you are a good gardener can fix the garden of your friends; or if you know about computers, can give a complete review of your friend’s computer; or if you are an expert in blogging can help create one; or if your friend has no idea how to change the oil in the car already have another chance.


  1. You can give a sample of species. This gift is perfect for someone who loves to cook or have moved recently. Search in Internet which are the species most used and purchase a good amount of each. Then fill glass jars and you have a gift!

  2. In Ikea or a similar site, buy a few small mirrors. After printing custom labels “the best”, “the most beautiful” … Then paste tags in the mirrors and look for some support to place behind the mirror. You have your custom mirrors.

  3. An another perfect idea for young people, give an annual custom music CD. Select songs they like to friends and design a cover with your favorite pictures and words.


  1. Another gift that I love to do is a framed front page of the day when the honoree was born. Choose a newspaper. I recommend that you look what happened on the day you were born.


  1. I recommend you learn to make some homemade liquor. Good liquor is always a good gift and can be enjoyed with friends.

  2. And finally, an original idea: buy a “cool” box and put in it a shaker, 3 or 4 lemons, a bottle of his favorite spirit and a book of cocktails.

Imagem 1546

Ah! And another idea to consider, especially if he is a child, is to open a savings account and deposit it in a few extra bucks in order to teach saving and give value to money.


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