Tupperware Tips

Here I will tell you a few important tips regarding cleaning, storage and making sure your favorite things are always in good condition.


As soon as you bring back your Plastic food storage container at home, give it a good rinse in lightly soapy solution. Rinse again with clean water and then wipe dry.

When you store the unused container, do not seal the lid. Leave a little space in between so that air can circulate. The reason is because, stale air can leave unpleasant smell. Another reason is, if left too long in your pantry when the temperature fluctuates, the air trapped in the container (plastic containers are air-tight, so air cannot escape!) will cause the lid to break over time.
It is important to use only soft sponge to clean it. Use the side that is not abrasive ONLY to clean your precious container.


Otherwise there will be unsightly scratches on your precious pieces.

Oh yes, train your maid too about how to clean your plastic container. I have heard too many horror stories about maids who use excessive cleaning agent and steel wire to clean the plastic container.

Oily plastic container from leftover food especially from curry and sauces? It is one of my pet peeves if someone leave my Tupperware together with oily plates or bowls in the kitchen sink. Separate them,please.

guardar tupperwares

However, if the plastic containers themselves are oily, first get some hot water (not boiling hot, mind you) and pour it in the container with some washing up liquid. Shake it a little and throw the hot solution out. Only then clean with soft sponge and rinse with clean water. Hot water works best to clean the oily residue. It is also good if you wipe out the oily residue with kitchen towel before you pour the hot water so that less washing up liquid is needed.

The plastic containers can be washed using the dishwasher but please place them on the top shelf, away from the heating elements.

What kind of detergent is best to get the oily residue from your plastic container?
TupperClean Dish Wash concentrate cleaner is the answer. Besides being environmentally friendly, this is a really concentrated solution which can be diluted six times as much and still clean your dishes and plastic container perfectly. It is also kind to your hands too.

Then, there is a matter of stains that will not come out. Tomato paste and curry are notorious for leaving their marks on our lovely plastic container. So, how do we prevent this from happening?


You can either spray some non-stick oil before putting the sauces or curry inside the container OR use a pastry brush to lightly brush the sides of the container with vegetable oil before pouring in the stain making sauces. The principle behind this is, this thin layer of oil will prevent the sauces from sticking on the side of the container. Simple, isn’t it?

If you get some undesirable smell out of your containers, there are several ways to deal with them. Here are some effective methods:

Wet some pieces of newspaper and store it overnight with the lids closed. The carbon in the newspaper print will absorb the smell.
Throw some salt inside, the salt absorbs odor.
Wash with some real lime or lemon juice to get fresh fragrance.

Tupperware Tips for Storing your plastic containers
So, here is an important tip: Do not close the lids, make sure the lids and the bases are separated. Otherwise you will get to see a mysterious phenomenon whereby the lid disintegrate by itself like I mentioned before.
Some industrious ladies swear by this method instead: after three months or so, take them out of storage and give them a good soak overnight.
Then dry them and store them back. The reason behind this is simple, Tupperware is made out of biodegradable oil that needs moisture. Just like our skin, it needs tender loving care.
You can refer to the picture above to see what I mean by leaving the lid open a little for storage. Or, you can also stack the bases and put the lids separately as shown too.


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