Barcelona still retains some ancient old crafts shops that adorn the streets with its majestic facades and continue to offer its customers true quality products. These are a small part of them.

4, House Parramon: C / Carme, 8.
It is difficult to find an object whose process and supplies have remained virtually identical over the centuries. Any attempt to change in the measurements, proportions, shape or materials of stringed instruments has inevitably ended with the return to the fees established between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The windows of Casa Parramon, workshop Spain’s oldest violin, founded in 1897 and dedicated to the sale and restoration of violins, violas, cellos and basses, housing a collection of these instruments whimsical shapes that never came to that, just a whim.

casa parramon
5. Furskins The Sibéria: Rbla. de Catalunya, 15.
This shop was founded in 1891, remains in perfect condition literally the “noucentista” decor.

6. Smoke Shop San Jose: C / Boters 7-9.
Since 1919, the San José Smoke Shopis is specialized in the manufacture, distribution and sale of religious objects. It has a wide range of products: religious images, crucifixes, rosaries, objects Holy Land, angels, cribs, jewelry, wood carvings …

estamperia san jose


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