Barcelona still retains some ancient old crafts shops that adorn the streets with its majestic facades and continue to offer its customers true quality products. These are a small part of them.

7. Pharmacy Vilardell: Pau Claris with the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes.

farmacia vilardell
It contains one of the most complete pharmaceutical furniture sets modernist Barcelona. The cup and the serpent, characteristics of pharmacy, are the subject of an artistic sculptural work, both in the ornamentation of the furniture and the careful treatment of metalworking applied to the lamps that illuminate the three dispensing counters, a center, of fully coated mahogany carving work and the two sides also worked.

8. Combs & Brushes Ciutat: C / Portal del Angel, 14.

pintes i raspalls ciutad
Here you will find combs, brushes quality, combs and all kinds of utensils and accessories for hair.
The origin of the family business dates back to 1882, although it was not until 1922 when the shop moved to the current location in the Portal del Angel. Since then, never snooty ladies and the ladies have stopped frequenting.

9. Knives Shop Roca: Plaza del Pi, 3.

cuchilleria roca
Inaugurated in 1911, the property retains the unmistakable Viennese style.
Aside from finding a spectacular range of tools for cutting, worth a visit if only to admire the building, which is included in the catalog of historic and artistic heritage of Barcelona.


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