Barcelona still retains some ancient old crafts shops that adorn the streets with its majestic facades and continue to offer its customers true quality products. These are a small part of them.

10. Chandlery Subirà: C / Llibreteria 7.

When you go, go with admiration, because you’ll be treading the oldest shop in the city of Barcelona. Opened in 1847, this property was dedicated at first fashion until in 1909 became a chandlery.

The only thing that has changed to adapt to changing times is the variety of products made with wax, since the church baptismal candles and candles lifetime have been added aromatic, children and spicy among others.

cereria subirà

11. Chandlery Codina: C / Bisbe, 2a.

Located between the Cathedral and the Plaza de Sant Jaume there is a witness to the importance they had in Barcelona Chandlers, a guild that celebrated the 500th anniversary of its constitution in 1998, but 200 years before there were regulations governing the profession .

In the heart of the city we find this shop since 1925 offers its customers for liturgical candles and civilian use and all kinds of religious items.

cereria codina

12. Grocery store Murriá: C / Roger de Llúria, 85.

Murray grocery store, is a modernist establishment of 1898, offering premium food in one of the most iconic Barcelona widening environments. With all the charm worthy only of the most illustrious grocery stores in town, offers its customers the best in deli and a personalized service. Cheeses, oils, Iberian, foie gras, caviar, wines and preserves make a selection of the most exclusive products.


13. Grocery store Quilez: C / Arago, 251.

Opened in 1940, this grocery store has become one of the best known and most prestigious shops  in the city.

In their windows, exposed delicatssens here and around the world: caviar, oils, wines, smoked, asparagus, chocolates … But products that stand out are their own, like coffee, they do from a mixture of varieties of coffees, or cava, expressly developed by the Mont-Ferrant cellars.



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