10 Foods and Drinks to Limit or Eliminate, to prevent cancer.

Nearly 1.5 million new cases of cancer were expected to be diagnosed last year–while 559,650 people were expected to die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. That’s more than 1,500 people a day–such a startling statistic. In the book Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic (New Society Publishers, 2007) the authors write that the Number 4 solution is to “Eat a Healthy Diet.” Listed within are the 10 Foods and Drinks to Limit or Eliminate:

1. All charred food, which create heterocyclic aromatic amines, known carcinogens. Even dark toast is suspect.


2. Well-done red meat. Medium or rare is better, little or no red meat is best.

menjar-cremat chicken_ready_to_eat

3. Sugar, both white and brown–which is simply white sugar with molasses added. (See Care2′s Directory of Natural Sweeteners for great, healthy alternatives.)


4. Heavily salted, smoked and pickled foods, which lead to higher rates of stomach cancer.


5. Sodas/soft drinks, which pose health risks, both for what they contain–sugar and various additives–and for what they replace in the diet–beverages and foods that provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.


6. French fries, chips and snack foods that contain trans fats.


7. Food and drink additives such as aspartame.


8. Excess alcohol.


9. Baked goods, for the acrylamide.


10. Farmed fish, which contains higher levels of toxins such as PCBs.

fishfarm1 peixo-toxines-pcb


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